e diel, 17 qershor 2007

Bloggings Help your web-site make money

Yes, Bloggings help your web-site make money. How? Well, it is advertisement that's free. No advertisement, nobody knows your web-site. The more people know and visit your web-site, (that's also called traffic), then the more money you get. However, the pro has a few trick in his sleeve that makes this even more effective. You can check this out at the Blog Generator
However, use these tactics with care so that your adsense account do not get blacklisted.

e diel, 10 qershor 2007

Make money from commissions

Another way to make money from blogging is to place advertisement and banners in your blog. When your visitors get interested in them and buys through your banner, you make money on commissions.
The key point here is that it should be interesting to your blog visitors. Hence, it should be relevant to them. That is what makes Adsense so successful, they place relevant ads. But with a bit of thoughtful thinking, we too can select relevant ads to be included. You can see an example of this at the bottom of this page. The banner there links to Amazon's Store, including the search box too.
You too can start a account with Amazon for free and create links from their tools provided. Do keep in mind that you only get paid when your visitor actually buys something at Amazon through your link. If he just browse the items and one week later, he open his browser and type "amazon.com" to buy the items, you don't get the commission. Also, don't expect very big cut in commission. It starts off at a measly 4%. But, its better than nothing and adds up to your kitty. :)

e enjte, 7 qershor 2007

Blogging with Adsense

Adsense is now very pervasive on the web. It actually helps to add more content to the web-page by linking to other relevant pages. At the same time, it also helps to bring in some $$. There is no joining fee, so its risk free and pure profits. If you don't like it, you can either cancel the account or just leave it dormant since there is not monthly fee (at least not at the moment and I don't think there is any plan for one)

Adding Adsense to Blogs in Blogger.com is a breeze. This is not by chance but made very easy as both Blogger.com and Google Adsense are related.

Adding Adsense to your website is also very simple. You can choose various colors, borders and sizes so that the ads can blend in to your webpage. The Setup tools in Adsense is very intuitive.

During Adsense setup, you have the option to add a piece of info called "Channel". You get to name it the way you like. It is recommended that you give very unique name and include site/size/position to the channel name. Don't just name your channel as "Top Banner", try "SiteATop234x60Banner" or "Page2Top468x60Banner" You can also set URL channel, e.g. makemoneybloggings.blogspot.com, mysite.com/dir2, etc. This way, when you view the report, you know exactly which position and option gives you the best returns. An added advantage is that it also give you an indication of your web pages performance. It can also show you the traffic on each web page, etc. You can define which day or period of days in your report and is almost real time. So, in essence, you get a web page performance report for free as well.

A very important reminder is NEVER click on the ads in your own page. This is considered "Cheating". If Google think that you have cheated, it will "Banned you for life" and its decision is final. When that happened, no amount of emails or pleading is going to reverse that decision.

Now a parting question for you all. ...
Is it better to have a Large Adsense with many ads or a small one with only 2 or 3 ads??
Drop me a comment on what you think.


e mërkurë, 6 qershor 2007

Drive traffic to your blog or website using the revolutionary blog and ping method.

The Complete Blog and Ping Guide

Make Money

Many people has started bloggings for various reasons. They may do it out of interest in the subject, or a desire to to blurt out their feelings, or a need to keep a diary.

But many are also it for money. Yes, by chance or by word of mouth, many has found out that you can make a couple of spare bucks doing blogging. Now, there are many ways to make money by bloggings. Some are very direct, some are indirect.

The most direct means to make money by blogging is the incorporation of Google's Adsense.
I will write more about Adsense in my next posting.

... Patrick